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Llewellyn & Partners Co. launches the first SuperApp for Smart City in Hong Kong

Updated: Jan 31

(HONG KONG, 10 November 2023) – Llewellyn & Partners Co. Ltd. ("LPC" or the "Company"), the first potential unicorn incubated by The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”)’s MetaBIM Research Laboratory, recently announced the launching of the first SuperApp for smart city and signed a memorandum of understanding ("MOU") today with Hong Kong Green Building System (“HKGBS”) and Keptain MENA Investment No.1 LPF (“Keptain”).


Under the MOU, LPC is pleased to announce the establishment of a joint venture company with HKGBS and Keptain. The collaboration aims to drive innovation and advancement in smart technology and carbon management initiatives, primarily focusing on the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”), Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and other emerging markets. The signing and launch ceremony at the campus of HKU invited distinguished guests from the real estate, construction, and investment sectors to celebrate these milestones.


[Image of the opening ceremony: Chair Professor Chris Webster, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong; Ir Dr. Llewellyn Tang, Founder and CEO of LPC; Mr. Benny Chen, Director of Hong Kong Green Building System Limited; Mr. Tai Sheung Shing, Victor, JP, Under Secretary for Housing of HKSAR Government; Ir Thomas Ho, JP, Chairman of the Construction Industry Council; Dr. George Lam, BBS, JP, Chair of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP) Sustainable Business Network (ESBN); Ms. Angel Wang, Chairwoman of EU-China Commission Financial Council; Dr. Randy Tsui, Founder of Keptain MENA Investment No.1 LPF; Ir Dr. Alfred Tan, Deputy Director of Technology Transfer Office, The University of Hong Kong]


The primary objective of this collaboration is to encourage the adoption of carbon management standards and sustainable practices in the targeted regions, seizing the vast opportunities presented by the smart cities industry worldwide. The joint venture is dedicated to advancing global infrastructure by implementing smart technology solutions in alignment with ESG principles and Carbon Neutrality goals.


In terms of role, LPC commits to providing smart digitalization and ESG solutions, as well as the essential technological expertise and knowledge to enhance systems, including information management, Building Information Modelling (“BIM”), ISO standards, asset management, and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) modeling. HKGBS pledges to deliver professional consulting and engineering procurement construction services and implement the latest green building technologies involving steel structure technology, prefabrication technology, and the latest green construction materials. Furthermore, Keptain will contribute its financial strength, strategic insights, and extensive experience in global investment guidance, bolstering its capabilities.


The ceremony also marked the completion of LPC’s series A funding, securing HK$25 million with a valuation reaching HK$424 million.


During the event, the Company announced the launch of its SuperApp, which aims to foster smarter and sustainable cities by streamlining data processing and integrating ISO knowledge to generate data-driven insights. AutoCDE, an all-in-one smart assets system within the SuperApp, embodies intelligent BIM solutions and strives to benefit all sectors including transportation, property management, public utility, and community activities, facilitating efficient and sustainable development for smart cities to achieve carbon neutrality. Basing on the Company’s long term strategy, the SuperApp will be developed and applicable across 160 countries on a worldwide basis.


The panel discussion themed "Unveiling the Future of AI in Smart Cities" featured distinguished experts who shared their expertise from financial, construction, consulting, standard-making and intelligent technology perspectives.


[Image of the panel discussion: Mr. Bong Chan, SR TMT Leader of Deloitte China and Lead Partner of Hong Kong Science Park Office; Dr. Albert Yip, Chairman of Syndicate Group; Mr. James Thompson, Head of Digital Department at Gammon; Mr. Kevin Wong, Global Director of Built Environment of BSI Group; Mr. Landson Li, Chief Technology Officer of LPC; Prof. Linlin Shen, Professor of Shenzhen University, Computer Science and Software (AI Lab)]


Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at HKU, Chair Professor Chris Webster said: “LPC represents the collective effort of many and demonstrates our faculty's fertile ground for breaking new ground in the construction-tech space.  LPC is the dream of one of Faculty of Architecture’s professors and his MetaBIM research group. It reveals the power of aligning academic imagination, research and knowledge creation with compelling use cases that unleash the potential of advanced technology for smarter, greener and more efficient city-building.”


Founder and CEO of LPC, Ir Dr. Llewellyn Tang said: “LPC's progressive mindset is exemplified by our advanced platform and services, as well as strategic partnerships with renowned experts in the real estate, construction and investment sectors. These alliances bring invaluable expertise and incorporate influential perspectives, making them a true embodiment of LPC's unwavering commitment to innovation and green solutions. This steadfast dedication to excellence sets LPC apart and reinforces our leadership in the field.”

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